Leather Legs

Gone are the days of leather pants being worn by only the likes of bikers and goths. Leather pants have swept us off our feet with their amazing versatility and ability to be worn as both night-time and day-time outfits. Spotted on the legs of many street style icons, leather pants have the potential to be dressed both up and down and when you’re in the mood for a bad-ass daytime look, leather pants are a very promising option.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 8.13.50 AM

Although a skin tight leather pant may be the first thing that comes to mind, don’t be afraid to opt for a baggy pant! If you’re worried that you may look as if you are wearing two slim fitting garbage bags, up the look with some minimalistic heels or roll the pant and sport with a pair of trusty white converse.


Leather pants are not shy and have the ability to speak for themselves so they don’t require excessive amounts of colour and accessories to make up for ‘lack of statement’ qualities. You can’t go wrong with a hat (especially in winter, 40% of body heat escapes through your head!) or a crisp, chic blazer.


For those of you who are not keen of the full leather pant, don’t stress there are other options! A favourite of mine has always been the leather patched pant, these have a slight ‘jodhpur’ feel as the shin and thigh section of the leg is leather and the remain knee and backing is usually stretchy and black and super comfy.


I myself own 4 pairs of leather pants, yes ladies, 4. Sadly my addiction doesn’t stop there, I am almost constantly on the lookout for new leather members of my wardrobe. To all my loyal followers out there you might have picked up on my slight fondness of anything leather or embellished so apologies for yet another leather focused post!

Let me know what you think about leather pants, surely there are some other addicts out there!? Whats you’re favourite leather pant look? I would love to hear what you have to say!



P.s Sorry for my lack of posting these past few weeks, I hope all my much loved followers are well. I am SO looking forward to hearing all your ideas and thoughts again!


Street Style: Couture Fashion Week Paris

Long gone are the days of fashion week being just about the clothes on the catwalk. There is no better backdrop for fashions finest to exhibit their street style both; models, guests and the ‘who’s who’ of fashion all sported phenomenal outfits.

Maxi skirts were a reoccurring trend with each women wearing different variations of the skirt from cropped, to flaminco, to full skirt, to an uneven heamline. A few women of fashion sporting the trend include: executive director of All About Eve Eva Ana Kazic, fashion editor of style.com Sofia Guellaty, fashion editor at Fashionising.com Tania Braukamper, Wilma Helena Faisson, Anna Dello Russo (below) and more.


Editor of Japan Vogue Anna Dello Russo sported a cropped white Balenciage top and flaminco inspired skirt that showed some serious leg, but hey, if you got it flaunt it! Worn with a pair of sunglasses that mirrored her outfit perfectly Dello Russo looked hot to say the least. I love the skirt no matter how over the top it may be, if Anna walked past me on the streets of Paris I would stop to stare!


Model Joan Smalls looks a dream also wearing a cropped white top and skirt, could this be a new trend? Smalls headband completes the outfit by tying together the dark shade and smokiness of her eyes.


This has to be one of my favourite looks from Paris couture fashion week 2013. Russia Miroslava Duma fashion writer and Founder of Buro 247, wears a pair of denim Levi shorts with a Chanel jacket; talk about innovative! Russia’s clever choice of shoes takes the outfit from sidewalk chic to runway ready.


SPOTTED! Cut out Balenciaga boots on the streets of Paris Haute Couture week, now who said I wasn’t up with the fashion!?

By feverishly stalking the street style of Paris couture fashion week using my old pal google I can safely predict that; lace, cropped white tops and leather jackets will be big this. What are your thoughts?