Leather Legs

Gone are the days of leather pants being worn by only the likes of bikers and goths. Leather pants have swept us off our feet with their amazing versatility and ability to be worn as both night-time and day-time outfits. Spotted on the legs of many street style icons, leather pants have the potential to be dressed both up and down and when you’re in the mood for a bad-ass daytime look, leather pants are a very promising option.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 8.13.50 AM

Although a skin tight leather pant may be the first thing that comes to mind, don’t be afraid to opt for a baggy pant! If you’re worried that you may look as if you are wearing two slim fitting garbage bags, up the look with some minimalistic heels or roll the pant and sport with a pair of trusty white converse.


Leather pants are not shy and have the ability to speak for themselves so they don’t require excessive amounts of colour and accessories to make up for ‘lack of statement’ qualities. You can’t go wrong with a hat (especially in winter, 40% of body heat escapes through your head!) or a crisp, chic blazer.


For those of you who are not keen of the full leather pant, don’t stress there are other options! A favourite of mine has always been the leather patched pant, these have a slight ‘jodhpur’ feel as the shin and thigh section of the leg is leather and the remain knee and backing is usually stretchy and black and super comfy.


I myself own 4 pairs of leather pants, yes ladies, 4. Sadly my addiction doesn’t stop there, I am almost constantly on the lookout for new leather members of my wardrobe. To all my loyal followers out there you might have picked up on my slight fondness of anything leather or embellished so apologies for yet another leather focused post!

Let me know what you think about leather pants, surely there are some other addicts out there!? Whats you’re favourite leather pant look? I would love to hear what you have to say!



P.s Sorry for my lack of posting these past few weeks, I hope all my much loved followers are well. I am SO looking forward to hearing all your ideas and thoughts again!


17 thoughts on “Leather Legs

  1. J’adore leather pants, almost as much as I love a perfectly fitted leather pencil skirt paired with an over the top conservative blouse.

    • Mine are from a small boutique called Sparkles Fashion I absolutely live in them and they were soooo cheap (only $20!!) But guessing you don’t live in Australia haha, I would try ‘Lucy in the Sky’ -http://www.lucyinthesky.com/shop/pants, they have some killer leather pants. So great to hear from you! Cx

  2. Leather can be an expensive option but these days the quality of PU is just like leather and no-one can tell the difference should you be on a budget. I love the look and it is great teamed with a white and black striped blazer. So uber chic…..love it.

  3. Do you think girls that are carrying a bit of extra weight can pull off the leather pant look? I’m definately going to look around for a pair!

    • Of course!! Fashion is all about self expression and wearing what YOU feel best in. I have absolutely no doubt that you can look amazing in a pair of leather pants. I believe there is no ‘extra weight’ but times of high self esteem and low, check out my post ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ (I have linked it below) if you are in need of an esteem booster! Remember, everybody is beautiful in their own way and that someone out there is envious of something you have whether it be your hair, your pearly whites or your bod! Thanks for commenting, hopefully hear from you sometime soon. Cx

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