Rapunzel Rapunzel

Despite the likes of Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson opting for the crop, I can’t bring myself to cut my locks! I have been a massive sucker for long hair ever since I was a kid and have failed to change my mind on the subject. There’s something about the versatility of long hair that sucks me in, its ability to be worn down and straight, in a high pony tail, soft and beachy or in a thick sock bun. Valeria Sokolova is my long hair motif and my on going inspiration to grow my hair just that little bit longer.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a physco who refuses to cut their hair even when it is trailing behind them carrying a few dozen cats! I’m sure the day will come when I decide to cut my hair short, but for now I will still dream of tossing my long locks out of the window just like rapunzel.

Let me know your thoughts on long hair!



6 thoughts on “Rapunzel Rapunzel

  1. I completely felt the same way for years, but for the past few weeks my long hair just felt sort of dull and I kept suppressing the urge to chop it. I went in for a small trim this weekend and walked out 4 inches shorter, and I love it! I’m sure I’ll most likely be growing it back out because it’s pretty strange to not feel it falling down my back, but it’s a nice change for summer!

    xx, Cassie

    • Long hair does tend to drop and become ‘lifeless’ if it hasn’t been given some good old tender love and care for a while (mine is a perfect example ahah). So glad to hear you love your short hair, enjoy it and work it well while it lasts! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

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