The Great Gatsby

Last week I went to see ‘The Great Gatsby’ and I have a confession.. I spent majority of the movie (when I wasn’t swooning over Leonardo di Caprio) ogling the extravagant costumes. For those of you who have not yet seen The Great Gatsby I highly recommend it, just to see the costuming. Iconic designers including Miu Miu,Tiffany and Co and Miuccia Prada herself collaborated to create some of the most exquisite costumes of this century.

Besides being extremely jealous of Gatsby’s uncultivated parties, I was fixated upon each and every women’s dress. There was so much sparkle, over the top jewellery and glamour, my inner ’embellished obsessed’ monster was drooling! Take a moment to admire Daisy’s chandelier dress:


Muiccia Prada herself reprised this look specifically for Daisy. To say the least this dress took my breath away the first time I saw it on the cover of Australian Vogue and did not cease to amaze me in the film. The dress itself has managed to find the perfect balance between elegant and striking by bringing the galmour of the twenties to the modern edge of today. For a very brief moment I tore my eyes away from Daisy’s dress to admire the diamond headband. This is the work of Tiffany and Co and was based on an original design from the 1920’s. The headband alone is pure genius, it’s captivating craftsmanship compliments the dress and softens Daisy’s face whilst showing off it’s luminescent charm on its own accord.

Here are a few more of my favourites:




The crystal undergarment of this dress is magical!


Shown in the first party scene this dress is magnificently dramatic, reflecting the Jordan’s mysterious headstrong character. If I ever came across someone wearing this dress I would not be able to stop staring at the brilliant chest piece.. which could come off as slightly peverted.


Although the story line was tragically sad I must admit I didn’t cry, unless you count sobbing on the inside with jealously due to my lack of glamorous clothes..


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